29 Apr. 2017
redesign and extension of the person sheet. More data about the person is shown (e.g. notes about the person and the family/marriage, more events (baptism, burial) and places.

21 Apr. 2017
The reconstruction is almost finished and the new website went online. There might be minor glitches and bugs here or there. Please let me know by e-mail if you find something that should be corrected. I was not able to check every single family card and person sheet as there are more than 800 now.
Currently there are no further information displayed on the "person sheet". I will provide this functionality soon together with bug fixes...

16 Apr. 2017
After 15 years of negligence I started to completely redesign this website.
It will be much more up to date and also slimmed down a little. Services which have been broken for a long time (e.g. contact form, guestbook) will be removed. In the future the genealogy will be the only topic covered by this website.
This site will be using a database now to allow an easier update of the genealogical data. This will of course be used to update all the data presented here which will lead to twice as many records than before. 

21 Oct. 2001
These pages are available at the following subdomain now: Please update bookmarks, favorites, links etc.
I redesigned the pages to get rid of the frames.

31 Dec. 2000
the Place List has been added

26 Aug. 2000
minor styling enhancements

23 Aug. 2000
some ancestors in the Rau family added (Thanks to John Kostick!)
converted all pages to meet HTML 4.0 definition

22 Aug. 2000
introduction of extended information

19 Aug. 2000
first publication of this data